ANNOUNCEMENT! The Board of Forestry and Fire Protection announces the release of new tools for efficient California Vegetation Treatment Program (CalVTP) implementation and Project-Specific Analysis (PSA) preparation. Explore the CalVTP STORYMAP to find out more about the valuable suite of tools and information in this new Resource Library. Find a summary of this information, including links to the updated CalVTP webpage, example PSAs and PSA/Addenda, new FAQs, and implementation tools, here: Information on the CalVTP Resource Library.


Learn More in the CalVTP StoryMap and Resource Library

CalVTP Homepage

The California Vegetation Treatment Program (CalVTP), developed by the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection, is a critical component of the state’s multi-faceted strategy to address California’s wildfire crisis. The CalVTP includes the use of prescribed burning, mechanical treatments, manual treatments, herbicide application, and prescribed herbivory as tools to reduce hazardous vegetation around communities in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI), to construct fuel breaks (shaded or non-shaded), and to promote ecological restoration. The CalVTP Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) provides a powerful California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance tool to expedite the implementation of wildfire resilience projects.

Project proponents can use the CalVTP to comply with CEQA for vegetation treatments consistent with the CalVTP Program EIR. 

Who is a project proponent?

  • Any local or state agency providing funding or having land ownership and/or management or other regulatory responsibility in the treatable landscape.  
  • This includes the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), Counties, Cities, Water Agencies, Special Districts, Open Space Districts, State Parks, California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), Universities, Conservancies, and many other state and local public agencies.


AT-A-GLANCE: Navigating the CalVTP

See the At-a-Glance panes below to review the functions and information available in the four corresponding CalVTP topics.


Read the CalVTP Program EIR and Supporting CEQA Documents

  • Vol I: Response to Comments on Draft Program EIR
  • Vol II: Final Program EIR
  • Vol II: Appendices to the Program EIR
  • Supporting CEQA Documentation

Access the CalVTP Resource Library

  • Example PSAs and PSA/ Addenda *NEW*
  • MMRP Implementation Tools *NEW*
  • PSA Templates
  • FAQs and Other Resources *NEW*
  • Webinars Trainings
  • Additional Regulatory Streamlining Options
  • CDFW Contacts for CalVTP Projects

View CalVTP Projects

  • Proposed Projects Online Viewer
  • Approved and Completed Projects Online Viewer
  • Approved PSAs and Other Environmental Documentation
  • Download CalVTP Projects Spatial Data *NEW*

Submit Your CalVTP Project

  • Treatable Landscape Viewer and Calculator Tool *NEW*
  • Review Data Entry Guide 
  • Proposed Projects
    • Online Submission *NEW* or
    • Manual Submission of SPR AD-7 Form and Spatial Files
  • Approved and Completed Projects
    • Manual Submission of Environmental Documentation and Spatial Files

Read the CalVTP Program EIR and Supporting CEQA Documents

Access the CalVTP Resource Library

View CalVTP Projects

Submit Your Project

To aid in the planning of your VTP project, the Treatable Landscape Calculator tool can estimate the acres of your project within and outside of the ‘Treatable Landscape’. Before using the tool, download and read the Treatable Landscape Calculator User Guide HERE. *NEW*

Proposed Projects

Approved and Completed Projects